Atelier Liturgical

Custom Clerical Vestments, Chasubles, Altar Linens, Church Wall Hangings

Handmade Clerical Vestments

The studio specializes in producing custom chasubles, altar linens and wall hangings to enhance church liturgy. Each fabric art piece is thoughtfully designed on site and then embroidered by a skilled seamstress.

Atelier Liturgical carries the finest fabrics from Australian worsted merino wool to raw silks and finely woven damask fabrics.

We offer hand-painted silk accent fabric made to order for your church.

Please contact us to set up a personal consultation with the artist.

Atelier is the French word for a decorative artist’s workshop.

At Atelier Liturgical we embody the ideals of beauty, craftsmanship and personal service inherent in this term.

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