Artist Bio & Approach

Paula White is the artist behind Atelier Liturgical and is a graduate of Surface Design & Printmaking (Textile Department) from the Ontario College of Art & Design. Over the last 20 years, she has traveled extensively throughout the United States working as a design representative for two leading liturgical art studios. With her vast experience and strong desire to showcase her artistic talents, she has opened her own studio designing vestments and altar appointments for churches.

Paula specializes in painting on silk using premium French dyes. Throughout her career, she has developed a love for beautiful fabrics, colours and textures and finds it tremendously fulfilling to create custom fabric art pieces for worship spaces.

Many liturgical companies concentrate on selling prefabricated designs from a catalogue. Ms White prefers to treat each piece as a work of art.  She begins with personal consultations in the church space to come to a mutual understanding of the overall vision and to ensure that appropriate fabrics are selected. She also considers the architecture, seasonal colours and key preferences of the parish she is working with to create a fully customized look.

Ms White is married and lives in the charming village of Ayr, Ontario. Outside of her work life, she has developed a great love for animals and has volunteered for the last several years at the local Humane Society. She has a passion for travelling and has been to Europe many times visiting art galleries and historic sites in search of inspirations for future designs.

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